Manfred Montwé

Manfred Montwé, born 1940, studied applied graphics and photography at the Werkkunstschule Wuppertal from 1958-63. From 1963 art director for advertising agencies in Düsseldorf. From 1980 graphic design. Lives in Upper Swabia since 1991.

1963-1967 Participation in Fluxus and Happening events, Photo and film documentaries.

March 1963 involved in setting up the exhibition "Exposition of Music, Electronic Television" by Nam June Paik at the Galerie Parnass Wuppertal. A photo documentation was created in the process.

In June 1963 installation of the exhibition "Piano for all Senses" commissioned by N. J. Paik in the gallery Amstel 47 of Willem de Ridder in Amsterdam, with Tomas Schmit, Peter Brötzmann and Bernt Reismann. For this he created experimental films, which were projected into the space as loops controlled by the piano keys. Fluxus- Festival Amsterdam Hypokriterion Theater, participated as a performer. Acquaintance with George Maciunas and Stanley Brouwn. Involved in Wolf Vostell's happening "9 Décollages" in Wuppertal in the fall. Photo documentation for the art magazine Décollage published by Vostell.

January 1964 Participation in the premiere of Wolf Vostell's film "Sun in your Head" at the Leidse Plein Theater in Amsterdam. July 20, 1964 Participates in the Fluxus event at the TH Aachen on the occasion of "20 July 1964". Photo documentation for Joseph Beuys.

June 1965 "24 hours Happening" Gallery Parnass Wuppertal. Participation in the performance of Wolf Vostell. Book presentation: Vostell Becker "Happening" Rowohlt Verlag Reinbeck. Encounter with Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke and Konrad Lueg.

1967 Vostell/Dietrich "Homage to Henry Ford" exhibition at the Autopavillon Maletz in Cologne.16mm film documentation. 1974 Trip to Central and South America. 1980 Yoga training and Zen meditation. On the advice of Paik resumes experimental photographic work.

1988 Sculptures from driftwood.

Participation in exhibitions in Baden-Württemberg: 2001 Ludwigsburg "In the course of time" Hermann-Josef Krug, painting and Indatex. Manfred Montwé Film- Video- Installation Fluxus Happening, Gallery Karlskaserne Ludwigburg. 2002 Participation in various group exhibitions photography in Upper Swabia. 2004 Meeting with N.J. Paik and Tomas Schmit in Berlin. 2009 N.J.Paik: Exposition of Music/ Electronic Television Revisited MUMOK Vienna 2013-14 Meersburg/ Biberach: "Photography in Upper Swabia, 20th century". 2017 "BLICK ZURÜCK VORAUS" Manfred Montwé Photography Fluxus and Happening of the sixties and works until today. Gallery Lände Kressbronn.

Photographs of the Exposition of Musik can be found in the following collections:
  • Staatsgalerie Stuttgart - Sammlung Sohm
  • MUMOK - Museum of modern Art Wien
  • Nam June Paik Art Center - Korea
  • Private collections